The Insight Series outperforms similar products on the market with 1.5 times higher sorting accuracy and 1.4 times higher processing capacity. It takes up only 1/3 of the floor space and 2/3 of energy consumption compared to other products in its category.

Insights Series' Economic Benefits:2.7 Million USD Per Year

Insights Ore Sorting Machine

A Combined Detection Method

The Insight Series utilizes a combined detection method that incorporates a VID HD dual-sided imaging system and X-ray technology, which can be customized based on the specific characteristics of different ores. The machine captures internal and external information about the ore, including color, texture, luster, and density. This machine utilizes an AL algorithm to significantly improve accuracy.

The Insight Series features a brand-new modular design, representing a revolutionary improvement over previous generations of ore sorting machines that relied solely on using belt conveyors. Its structure includes a vibrating feeder, short belt, and free-fall structure, which greatly simplifies mechanical complexity, which reduces equipment size, maintenance requirements, and required installation area.

The Insight Series can be easily assembled to accommodate different feed widths (1600mm & 3200mm), processing capacities, and particle sizes to meet various mineral processing plant requirements. Each module is controlled and monitored through software, reducing manual operation costs.

Model Weight(t) Machine Power(kW) Particle Size(mm) Processing Capacity(t/h) Machine Size(mm) (L×W×H)
Camera SC1600 9 20 +10-60 40-60 6300*3165*2420
SC3200 18 40 +10-60 80-120 6300*3165*2420
X-ray SX1600 9 20 +10-60 40-60 6300*3165*2420
SX3200 18 40 +10-60 80-120 6300*3165*2420
Camera+X-ray SM1600 9 20 +10-60 40-60 6300*3165*2420
SM3200 18 40 +10-60 80-120 6300*3165*2420