In comparison to similar products available on the market, the Golden Coal Series machine reduces CO2 emissions by 75%, wastewater discharge by 67%, and infrastructure investment by 2.4 Million USD.

The Golden Coal Series is designed specifically for separating coal and gangue.

Golden Coal Series' Economic Benefits: 3.5 Million USD Per Year

The equipment uses X-ray dual-frequency detection technology to combine an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm and high-speed air jets to separate coal and gangue. The modular structure design dramatically reduces the overall size, making the equipment 30% smaller than similar equipment resulting in easier maintenance. The processing capacity can reach 220t/h by module expansion. The equipment adopts an explosion-proof design to suit the equipment for harsh environments.

Insights Ore Sorting Machine

The Golden Coal Series does not use water and magnetite, so energy consumption is lower than the traditional coal sorting process.

The Golden Coal Series is a specialized machine designed for dry coal sorting and the comprehensive treatment of gangue. It utilizes high-speed air jets, an advanced AI algorithm, and the option of using VIS HD imaging or single/dual-energy X-ray detection to accurately and efficiently sort coal and gangue.

The design greatly reduces the size of the machine and is 20% smaller than other dry coal sorters with the same processing capacity. The standard model can process up to 360t/h. If customers have custom requirements, a higher processing capacity can be achieved by expanding the size of the machine.

All key components of the machine are designed to be explosion-proof, making it suitable for both surface and underground working environment. The Golden Coal Series does not consume water or use chemical mediums, and its energy consumption is much lower than traditional coal washing and other coal sorting processes. It can achieve clean, efficient and environmentally friendly dry coal sorting, and is accurate enough to replace hand sorting, jigging, shaking, and heavy medium processes. The Golden Coal Series can save on land, personnel, and capital costs for coal preparation plants.

Model parameters can be configured as needed

Model Weight(t) Machine Power(kW) Particle Size(mm) Processing Capacity(t/h) Machine Size(mm) (L×W×H)
Camera TC1200 12 16 +50-300 100-140 12000*1800*2500
TC1400 14 22 +50-300 120-160 12000*2000*2500
TC1600 16 28 +50-300 140-180 12000*2300*2500
TC1800 20 32 +50-300 150-190 13500*2500*2800
TC2000 22 36 +50-300 160-200 13500*2700*2800
TC2400 24 32 +50-300 200-280 12000*3500*2500
TC2800 28 44 +50-300 240-320 12000*3500*2500
TC3200 32 56 +50-300 280-360 12000*3500*2500
Single/ Dual-energy X-ray TX1200 12 16 +50-300 100-140 12000*1800*2500
TX1400 14 22 +50-300 120-160 12000*2000*2500
TX1600 16 28 +50-300 140-180 12000*2300*2500
TX1800 20 32 +50-300 150-190 13500*2500*2800
TX2000 22 36 +50-300 160-200 13500*2700*2800
TX2400 24 32 +50-300 200-280 12000*3500*2500
TX2800 28 44 +50-300 240-320 12000*3500*2500
TX3200 32 56 +50-300 280-360 12000*3500*2500