The Circle Series offers improved performance compared to traditional machines available on the market. It has 2 times higher sorting accuracy, 3 times higher processing capacity, requires 1/5 the floor space, and consumes 1/3 the energy. In addition, it can be monitored remotely at any time.

Circle Series' Economic Benefits: 4.5 million USD per year
Ultra-small Size: The Circle Series ore sorting machine is ultra-small, covering an area of only 14.8-32 square meters. It can save 75% of the floor space compared to traditional ore sorting machines, reducing the installation costs and infrastucture costs for the existing ore processing plant. Its compact size allows it to be easily integrated into any existing beneficiation process.
Large Processing Capacity: the processing capacity of the machine is 330% higher than previous generations of ore sorting machines. With a grain size range of +5-90mm, the processing capacity can reach 300 t/h. A single machine can meet the requirements of a mineral processing plant with a production capacity of 3000-4000 t/d.
Circle Series Technical Parameters
Model Dimension Weight(kg) Power(kWh) Particle Size(mm) Processing Capacity(t/h)
Metallic Ores HPY-CM1700 5100*3273*4070 18000 20 +10-60 80-120
HPY-CM3400 6382*3548*3083 32000 40 +10-60 160-240
Non-metallic Ores HPY-CN1700 5100*3273*4070 18000 20 +10-60 70-100
HPY-CN3400 6382*3548*3083 32000 40 +10-60 140-200
Coal HPY-CC1700 5100*3273*4070 18000 20 +13-30 50-80
5100*3273*4070 18000 20 +30-80 60-90
HPY-CC3400 6382*3548*3083 32000 40 +13-30 100-150
6382*3548*3083 32000 40 +30-80 120-170
A.I. Algorithm: Deep Learning Makes for Faster and More Accurate Sorting
We developed China's first ore sorting A.I. algorithm - Wenshu Algorithm™. A pioneering application of deep learning theory that creates adaptive ore sorting models, real-time tracking of ore grade changes, and online optimization algorithms. In complex ore sorting environments, the algorithm adaptively adjusts for different characteristics such as ore size, texture, lust, and thickness to achieve accurate identification.
X-ray Imaging: Penetrates the surface of the ore and extracts the information from inside the ore. Independent Research and Development: Large processing amount, high speed, single and dual-energy X-ray imaging system, 0.4MM detection accuracy.

The world's first ring-shaped ore sorting machine boasts a super large processing capacity and a wide processing grain size range (+5-90mm).

Utilizing aerial imaging technology, the machine's imaging quality has improved by 30% and its AI computing ability is increased by 400%. It is capable of processing over 10,000 ores per second.

The separation system uses high-speed multi-row air jets with a single nozzle diameter of 2mm. The multi-jet system allows for high accuracy, starting at 5mm.

The machine also features intelligent control, allowing for online monitoring.

Five Core Advantages of the Circle Serie
  1. Large processing capacity and wide processing grain size range.
  2. High recognition accuracy.
  3. High Precision Separation System.
  4. Small size, easy to operate and maintain.
  5. Highly applicable and customized equipment with professional services.
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