The Circle Series offers improved performance compared to traditional machines available on the market. It has 2 times higher sorting accuracy, 3 times higher processing capacity, requires 1/5 the floor space, and consumes 1/3 the energy. In addition, it can be monitored remotely at any time.

Circle Series' Economic Benefits: 4.5 million USD per year

The Circle Series can save on equipment space and infrastructure costs, significantly reducing investments. Moreover, according to the mineral makeup of the customer's ore, the customer has the option to choose between single-energy or dual-energy X-ray sensors depending on the type of ore.

The Circle Series has a super large processing capacity: 300t/h, which is a 330% increase compared to traditional ore sorting machines. Designed for ultra-small spaces: the smallest machine covers only 14.8-32m2, reducing usage space by 70%. Processing gain size: +5-90mm.

Circle Series c1500

Fast: A highly efficient industrial control system can respond in one millisecond, processing up to 10,000 ores per second.

Unique Feeding: The vibrating feeding structure has the advantages of uniform material distribution, a wider feeding transfer surface, and large feeding volume.

Imaging: A customized aerial imaging system improves imaging quality by 30% compared to traditional ore sorting machines. The sorting accuracy can reach up to 99%.

Analyzation: The use of machine learning and active learning optimizes sorting and allows the machine to improve its recognition ability and accuracy over time.

Intelligent: Synthesizes jet streams based on particle size.

Fast & Stable: The reaction time of the air jets is less than 1.5 milliseconds.

Accurate: The diameter of a single nozzle is only 2mm, which can accurately spray the center of an ore as small as 5mm.

Small Size: 75% smaller than traditional ore sorting machines, which reduces infrastructure inestment and expansion costs associated with adding larger ore sorting machines into the mineral processing plant.

Easy Operation: Equipped with HPY Cloud which uses big data management, allowing for remote control and easy maintenance.

Model Weight(t) Machine Power(kW) Particle Size(mm) Processing Capacity(t/h) Machine Size(mm) (L×W×H)
Nonmetallic Minerals CN1500 13 15 +5-20 25-40 4640*3192*3150
13 15 +10-80 80-120 4640*3192*3150
CN3000 22 28 +5-20 50-80 6980*3240*3150
22 28 +10-80 160-200 6980*3240*3150
CN4500 28 40 +5-20 75-120 9980*3240*3150
28 40 +10-80 240-300 9980*3240*3150
Coal CC1500 13 15 +5-20 25-30 4640*3192*3150
13 15 +10-80 70-100 4640*3192*3150
CC3000 22 28 +5-20 40-60 6980*3240*3150
22 28 +10-80 140-200 6980*3240*3150
CC4500 28 40 +5-20 60-100 9980*3240*3150
28 40 +10-80 200-300 9980*3240*3150
Metallic Minerals CM1500 13 15 +5-20 25-40 4640*3192*3150
13 15 +10-80 80-120 4640*3192*3150
CM3000 22 28 +5-20 50-80 6980*3240*3150
22 28 +10-80 160-200 6980*3240*3150
CM4500 28 40 +5-20 75-120 9980*3240*3150
28 40 +10-80 240-300 9980*3240*3150

A.I. Algorithm: Deep Learning Makes for Faster and More Accurate Sorting

We developed China's first ore sorting A.I. algorithm - Wenshu Algorithm™. A pioneering application of deep learning theory that creates adaptive ore sorting models, real-time tracking of ore grade changes, and online optimization algorithms. In complex ore sorting environments, the algorithm adaptively adjusts for different characteristics such as ore size, texture, lust, and thickness to achieve accurate identification.

X-ray Imaging: Penetrates the surface of the ore and extracts the information from inside the ore. Independent Research and Development: Large processing amount, high speed, single and dual-energy X-ray imaging system, 0.4MM detection accuracy.