Customer Introduction

Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd (Hengyu Mining) was established in 2006 and currently mines about 1.45 Mt of rock annually from open pit mining. HPY Technology helped Hengyu Mining to significantly increase its processing capacity from 5,000 t/d to 8,000 t/d, enabling Hengyu Mining to reject waste rock in advance, which increases production, reduces energy consumption and reduces carbon emissions, which can create annual economic benefits of approximately $6.33 million USD. All this resulted in strong support for Hengyu Mining's application to become a "National Green Mine".

Economic Benefits

A significant increase in processing capacity: from the original 5,000 tons/day to 8,000 tons/day

Pre-concentration: With 4 sets of Circle Series intelligent ore sorting machines, the annual output of waste rock can reach 900,000 tons under full production capacity

Increased output: the recovery rate of mineral processing is increased to 85%

Energy saving and emission reduction: saving 18 million kWh of electricity and $2.1 million USD in electricity bills per year

Sustainable development: the machine provides strong support for the implementation of environmentally friendly mining practices

These benefits can result in an annual economic benefit of $6.33 million USD.


Since its establishment in Luoyang, Henan Province, Hengyu Mining has been committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has actively sought advanced technology to more efficiently develop its mineral resources and improve its production process. In 2021, Hengyu Mining chose HPY Technology's XRT-based intelligent ore sorting solution.

The molybdenum ore is penetrated by X-rays, imaged by machine vision, and analyzed by artificial intelligence to identify usable ore and waste rock. Once the machine has identified these materials, they are separated using high-pressure compressed air, which sorts the ore and waste rock onto separate belts for further processing in the beneficiation process.

Learn more about how HPY Technology is helping Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd. pre-concentrate their molybdenum ore to achieve their production and environmental goals.

Cooperation between HPY Technology and Hengyu Mining

Hengyu Mining adopted HPY's XRT ore sorting machines for its pre-concentration process. The company also built an ore sorting workshop with four HPY Technology's Circle Series (model CN15000) ore sorting machines at its core for pre-concentration on a mineral processing line that can reach 8000 tons/day.

Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd.
Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd.

Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd.

Luanchuan Hengyu Mining Co., Ltd.

Machine Used: 4 Circle Series - C1500

Particle Size: +10~45mm

Processing Capacity: 6500 t/d

Raw Ore Grade: 0.046%

Concentrate Grade: 0.079%

Waste Rock Grade: 0.018%

Rejection Rate: 42%

Recovery Rate: 86.1%

Enrichment Ratio: 1.72