HPY Technology is proud to announce that the groundbreaking Circle Series ring-shaped sorter has been honoured with two awards at the 2024 Mining Technology Excellence Awards, in the Innovation and Environmental categories.

The Mining Technology Excellence Awards is an independent recognition programme powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData. Its team of researchers and journalists, along with Artificial Intelligence, analyse over 1 billion datasets during the year to recognise, endorse and rank top-tier companies and their achievements in 200+ countries. Hence, it paves the road for this award to be one of the largest and widely recognised programmes throughout the industry.

Innovation Award

The prestigious Innovation Award recognises the Circle Series’ revolutionary approach to ore sorting that has significantly enhanced processing efficiency within the mining industry.

The Circle Series is the world's first ring-shaped sorter, introducing a 360-degree feed system that leads to a remarkable 3.14 times increase in throughput efficiency.

This innovative design, inspired by the geometry of a circle, leverages the concept that the diameter of a circle encompasses its entire circumference, thereby maximising the processing capacity without increasing the sorter's size. The award highlights HPY Technology's commitment to innovation and its dedication to developing solutions that meet the evolving needs of the mining sector.

Environmental Award

In addition to the Innovation Award, HPY Technology's Circle Series has been recognised with an Environmental Award for its substantial contributions to reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

The sorter's advanced technology, including its high detection accuracy and precise separation execution, enables mining enterprises to reduce energy consumption significantly.

The Circle Series utilises a low-energy vibrating feeding disk and a multi-row air jet system that adjusts based on particle size, ensuring precise airflow for separation. This leads to a more efficient sorting process and minimises the environmental impact of mining operations. The Environmental Award underscores its dedication to sustainability and its role in fostering environmentally responsible practices within the industry.

On the award win, Shuhao Zhou, Vice President of HPY Technology, said, “We sincerely thank Mining Technology for recognising our achievements in terms of advanced ore sorting with the Excellence Awards. HPY Technology is committed to continuing its innovative efforts to unlock global mineral resources' real value and drive sustainable, responsible mining practices forward.

HPY Technology has been honoured with two prestigious 2024 Mining Technology Excellence Awards, signifying global acknowledgment of its achievements in advanced ore sorting. This recognition validates the company's technical prowess and innovative capacity and praises its unwavering pursuit of sustainable development and responsible mining practices.

By consistently investing in the mining sector, HPY Technology hopes to broaden human capacity, especially in how the industry mines resources. As Mining Technology summed it up brilliantly: “HPY Technology’s Circle Series, thus, has set a new standard in ore sorting, offering significant economic and environmental benefits. Its innovative design, advanced technology, and precision in sorting have not only improved the efficiency of mining operations but have also paved the way for a more sustainable industry. The awards received by the Circle Series are a testament to its transformative impact, recognising it as a model for future advancements in mining technology."