Jakarta, June 11-13, 2024 - In light of the mining sector transitioning to cleaner energy, HPY’s Overseas Market Manager, Jason Tatman, was invited to the Indonesia Critical Minerals Conference & Expo 2024 as one of the key speakers for the ASEAN Tin Industry Conference. He highlighted how HPY’s innovative ore sorting technology could enhance efficiency and sustainability in tin and other mining operations.

Figure 1: ICDX CTO Troy Miranda Presenting the Momento Certificate to HPY’s Overseas Market Manager, Jason Tatman

In a brief 20-minute presentation, Tatman shared HPY's cutting-edge ore sorting method, which employs A.I. technology to precisely separate tin ore from waste rock and low-grade material during the comminution process. This breakthrough technology significantly enhances the grade of material entering the downstream processes, such as grinding and flotation. By sorting ore more accurately at an early stage, the technology reduces the amount of waste processed, thus saving water, electricity, and chemical reagents. The improved feed quality leads to higher recovery rates and more efficient overall operations. This innovative approach not only boosts operational efficiency but also aligns with the growing global emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship, offering a promising future for sustainable mining practices.

Figure 2: Tatman Presenting the HPY’s Diverse Product Line

His presentation included a proven case study on the renowned Yunnan Tin Trading Co., Ltd., whose production and processing base is one of the world’s most comprehensive in the tin industry. By emphasizing the benefits of reducing tailings pond expansion costs, reducing grinding and flotation costs, and enriching the raw ore grade for high-grade tin and copper. HPY Technology’s sensor-based ore sorting machine helps mining corporations align their processes with the growing global emphasis on ESG and sustainable mining practices while reducing their processing costs for increased profits. Specifically, ore sorting reduces the use of water, electricity, and chemical reagents, making operations more efficient and sustainable.

This was later confirmed by Yunnan Tin Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.’s General Manager, Tracy Xie, during a panel discussion. When asked by Joseph G. Miller, Esq., Strategic & Defense Metals Specialist, about Yunnan Tin’s ESG efforts, Xie referred to Tatman’s presentation, commending HPY and Yunnan Tin’s combined environmental efforts to incorporate new technologies in the processing chain, building a healthier tin recovery ecosystem.

Figure 3: Tatman with Yunnan Tin Group Processing Engineer Ms. Peng (left) and General Manager, Tracy (right)

Media Wahyudi Askar (See Figure 4), the Director of the Public Policy Center of Economic and Law Studies, also noted during the panel discussion that HPY’s tin-sorting presentation represented an effective innovation strategy to help mediate increasing conflicts between local communities and mining companies. He stated, “I know with Jason’s presentation earlier, these are major advancements in mining operations. You’re going to see more remote-controlled processing, automatic systems, and data analytics, which I hope will open up new opportunities in the tin mining industry. And I think this hope can also bring good things for society and reduce tensions between tin mining companies and local communities.”

Figure 4: HPY Brand Specialist Ya Chen Ou (left), Director of Public Policy Center of Economic and Law Studies Media Wahyudi Askar (Center), and Tatman (right)

The conference served as an ideal platform for HPY to showcase its cutting-edge solutions to industry leaders and government officials. Building on the success of the first Indonesia Nickel and Cobalt Industry Conference organized by SMM in May 2023, this year's event attracted wider global attention by expanding its focus to include EVs, coal, tin, and aluminum. Nearly 20 government officials from various countries delivered keynote speeches, including representatives from the Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investments, and the Ministry of Investment.

In addition, 80 speaking guests, 30+ exhibitors, and over 800 conference delegates attended the 2024 Conference & Expo, reinforcing Indonesia's position as a key player in the critical minerals market. Some of the honored participants included ICDX Group, Pt Ceria Nugraha Indotama, Pt Pamapersada Nusantara, Glencore, Huayou Cobalt, McKinsey & Company, RMI, LME, and Petromindo.Com.

Figure 5: Indonesia Critical Minerals Conference 2024 Closing Ceremony

As the Indonesia Critical Minerals Conference becomes the landmark mining event of the year, one major takeaway is Indonesia’s strides toward growing its upstream and downstream supply chain for the 47 critical minerals listed. The government has placed major emphasis on maximizing its rich resources and building the nation to be one of the major economic centers of metal exchange.

HPY, spearheaded by its advanced ore sorting technological expertise, supports worldwide companies in fair, sustainable, and inclusive mining economic activity. In the years to come, the company will no doubt stand out as a significant contributor to this goal by incorporating innovative sensor-based sorting technology to enhance efficiency and energy transition in mining operations. By addressing the global demand for cleaner and more effective mineral extraction processes, HPY marks a crucial step forward in advancing the global mining sector.