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Utilizing machine vision and AI algorithms to manufacture industry leading intelligent ore sorting machines.

We have promoted progressions in utilizing intelligent ore sorting machines in the global mining industry: increasing efficiency, helping customers cut costs, and making the ore sorting process more environmentally friendly.

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HPY Technology strives for sustainability and innovation

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Service Process

Since every mine is unique and each ore has a its own mineral makeup, we have made it our mission to provide you with excellent service and customized plans that result in the most efficient sorting with maximum economic and environmental benefits.



-Full assessment and analysis of ore characteristics and beneficiation process.

-Experimental testing and chemical analysis at HPY HQ.

-Full lab analysis and customized solution for maximum benefits.


Installation Process

-Professional installation -Training on operation and maintenance on machines.

-Engineers will stay on-site for a period of time to ensure smooth operation and any necessary adjustments.



-24/7 professional assistance

-One-year warranty

-Quick and responsive maintenance team


Industry Leading with Focus On Vision Technology

As of 2022, HPY Sorting has sold more than 400+ machines, making it the market leader in China with a 80% domestic market share.

Join The Energy

In addition to being committed to revolutionizing the mining industry, HPY Sorting Technology is also joining the energy revolution with our energy saving technology, that creates other environmental benefits to help mining companies become a true "green mine".

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Ore Sorting Machines & Benifits

Established in 2015, HPY Sorting Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on applications of machine vision technology to improve and provide innovation in ore sorting. Awarded the title of the Seed Unicorn Enterprise from Jiangxi province in 2018 and the World's Advanced Ore Sorting Enterprise from the Chinese Nonferrous Metal Association.

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  • R&D Center
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